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Lou Versace †

Lou in 2010, Marina Del Rey

The Versace family announces with sadness Lou's passing away, who died on December 26th, 2017 in Los Angeles at the age of 77.

Lou was born on February 20, 1940 in New York to Paula and Frank Versace. He attended the universities of Princeton, Harvard and Berkeley and taught English at schools and universities.

He loved his family and writing poetry while looking out to the pacific ocean. Much of his work has been published right here on (t)his website.

We miss you,

Vivienne Feuerstein-Versace
Marco Versace & Zaliha Yanikomeroglu
Nico Versace & Antje Germer

Contact: vividelrey at aol dot com

Lou's Last Poem

TOO LATE by Lou Versace

Do not eulogize me-down
size me-up
seize me-in
relieve me-off or on
re-live me-over

When I am dead and gone in the ground
From this heaving, hassle-filled
Gyring awry muck-ball called
Earth: the planet
the globe that's
Got You and Got Me
All tied-up and bound for the ride
Of our lives-while we ARE ALIVE.

But and once I am gone
once I have
"Shuffled off this mortal" toil and trouble--
DO NOT YOU DARE TO "eulogize me" for:

ALL the "great things"
I did and was and for
WHAT for
WHY for and
HOW long you-all
Dis (re) member ME.

Just give me a friggin' break
And just let it (and me) lie
In silent seething sans

PRAISES -- too much
too little
too heart-felt and


Rather ROAST me,
FRY me,
DICE me,
ICE me--

OVER 'n UNDER 'til


From your living pain and from out your clicking brain.


If I got rid of my demons, Id lose my angels.
Tennessee Williams


A memorial service will be held in Culver City in February 2018.

Please contact us for details at
vivdelrey /at/ aol /dot/ com.

A Poem a Day by Lou Versace

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The author has been called "EASY WRITER".

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