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These films in FILM INK were made some 35 years ago while living on the MARINA PENINSULA.

They were made as exercises in fun and to say something from whimsy to tragedy.

All people in the films were friends and relatives--from my neighbors to my two sons to my beloved "CHARLIE".

It is not the quality of the films that remain but their memories frozen in tiime.

I want to thank my older son, MARCO, for engineering these films onto our website.

I hope that anyone who views them enjoys them in the spirit in which they were made.


Note: please wait for the videos to become visible.

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Westwide Story

WESTWIDE STORY--a memoial dedicated to "CHARLIE" ATOL following her tragic death in JULY of 1976 at age 33.

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Straw Jaws

STRAW JAWS--an epic beach movie combining thrills and schock in the summer of 1974.

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The Artist

THE ARTIST--Young NICO wiggles his way to the easel in 1976 and comes up with a Picasso.

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FLIGHT is a goodbye to my older son, MARCO, before he left at age 10 to live in GERMANY. It takes place with his UNCLE JOE aboard his boat in LONG BEACH. 1976.

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Young Blood

YOUNG BLOOD--Two young boys cavort in their backyard, in 1973 experimenting with eternal life. A special award to older brother MARCO for his slow-motion moves and to endearing NICO for his affectionate tolerance.

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