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LOU VERSACE is a native of New York City.

He holds
undergraduate and graduate degrees from Princeton,
Harvard and UC Berkeley.

He teaches courses in
literature, writing and communications at West Los
Angeles College and American Intercontinental

He has written a novel (BARONE);
STRANGERS); and he has served as an editor for a
short-story collection (TALES OF BALLYBODKIN by
William Lynch, Ph.D.) WORDS FOR SALE is his
second volume of poetry; his first, UNCOMMON POEMS
FOR THE COMMON READER, was published in 1999
by Pentland Press.

LOU lives in Los Angeles with his
wife, VIVIENNE FEUERSTEIN, a former supervisor in
the Education Department of LOYOLA MARYMOUNT
UNIVERSITY. He has two sons (MARCO and NICO)
who live in Hamburg, Germany.

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Created by...

L. Versace
Marina Del Rey, CA

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Link Recommendation

BILL LYNCH'S stories of IRELAND in his TALES OF BALLY-BODKIN capture the images, the settings, and the characters of TUAM in twelve distinctive pieces edited by LOU VERSACE just before BILL died of leukemia last THANKSGIVING DAY in LOS ANGELES.

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