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Teacher writes friendly verses

Pasta to Poems ó Poet Lou Versace relaxes while cooking pasta in his Culver City house. Making a Mediterranean dish inspired him to write one of his reader-friendly, understandable poems.

Visit Santa Monica College's digtal newspaper corsair
Volume LXXVIII Issue 3

Teacher writes friendly verses

By Jonathan Payne, Corsair Staff Writer

It must be quite depressing to have National Poetry Month arrive and have to spend hours analyzing a three-line poem. But thanks to Lou Versace, who has taught English at Santa Monica College, and his book of poetry, "Uncommon Poems for the Common Reader," people who wish to explore the world of lyrics can have an easier time this month.

"Itís common poems for everyone ó poems about eating, living, death, places and moods," said Versace. "Itís for people who donít know about poetry. I got tired of poems you have to understand and analyze."

Itís strange to hear such words from an English teacher, but Versace has taught English for 35 years. He said he feels students should be able to read poetry, and his book is a starting point.

Corsair photo by Stefano Paltera

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Book: Uncommon Poems for the Common Reader

by lou versace
1999, isbn 1-57197-135-1
paperback, 350 pages

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order the book
at amazon

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